Sitting here alone at night in the conservatory, waiting for my matcha cake to be done, it suddenly hit me that it’s already the 9th of May 2017. The first ever time that I’ve baked something from scratch was 4 years ago. 1st May 2013. I still remember the date clearly because it was Labour Day and I was crazily obsessed over baking during my PMR year. I’ve never imagined nor saw myself baking few years ago because I didn’t have the legendary ‘my grandma was a good baker and I watched her in the kitchen hence I picked it up from her’ kind of story. I mean my late maternal grandmother was a very good cook and baker, according to my mum. I really wished I was born 40 years ago so I can learn and steal some recipes from my maternal grandmother but unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet her.


The first thing that I baked was a rainbow cupcake because rainbow cakes were THE thing back then. It still is, but not a very big hoo-ha anymore. My rainbow cupcake not only looked horrible, it tasted horrible as well. Actually, it was tasteless. Initially I thought that this whole baking this was just a one day thing or 三分钟热度 kinda thing but it wasn’t. I started from baking disgusting cupcakes to almost edible cakes to disgusting bread but I never gave up. I love eating Pandan Chiffon Cake and that is probably one of the very very few cakes that I eat so one day, I decided to buy a chiffon tin and bake myself some chiffon cake! Nope, failed terribly. I’m not exaggerating but I’ve tried baking Pandan Chiffon Cake for more than 10 times and all of them failed terribly.

I don’t even know what it is omg some very mega failed pandan chiffon cake and sometimes, not even edible because it’s just so dense. But after trying and trying and trying, I finally got it right! Here is the edible pandan chiffon cake.

That feeling of unmoulding the cake. That feeling of cutting the cake. That feeling of satisfaction. That feeling of wanting to make it perfect, not giving up until you get it right. Most people who bake probably can relate to this. It’s also weird how I’m never tired when it comes to baking even after a long day in uni. I guess that’s the power of love for baking?


To be honest, I baked a lot more when I was back in Malaysia compared to me being in the UK. I guess washing the dishes plays a huge role in me not baking as much as I did in Malaysia because I never had to wash up after baking. Not very proud to admit it but yeah. I used to bake an average 4 or 5 times a week in Malaysia. I even went on a chiffon cake frenzy. I think I baked more than 5 types of chiffon cakes? Japanese Pearl Chiffon Cake, Pandan Chiffon Cake, Milk Chiffon Cake, Matcha Chiffon Cake, Strawberry Jello Chiffon Cake, Lime Jello Chiffon Cake, Milo Chiffon Cake, Banana Chiffon Cake, Nutella Chiffon Cake, Butter Chiffon Cake, White Chocolate Chiffon Cake, and the list goes on. I need to do another chiffon cake frenzy when I’m back home but good luck to everyone who is eating it. Please do not blame me if you decide not to be friends with me anymore.


Back to topic, I went for 4 classes before. 1 demo and 3 hands-on classes, 2 in Miri, 1 in Kuala Lumpur and 1 in London. I really enjoyed all but it still scares me that every time I go for these classes, I’m always surrounded by older people. And by older, I mean older. There was once I went for a class in Miri and I exchanged phone numbers with an aunty, probably in her 60s. Awkward but yes, I have aunty friends.


I still remember when I was in Form 4, I went for an education fair which was going on in my school hall. I was actually there to only procure sponsorships and head back to class but I ended up at one of the booths which offered Culinary Arts. That was the first ever time that I actually looked into culinary schools that I brought back brochures to show my parents. My mind was practically set on going into culinary school after I finish my SPM but that didn’t happen. Upset and disappointed at that time but I understand everything right now. Culinary school can wait.


Having been in and out of my home kitchen for 4 years, sometimes I do wonder and ask myself what have I achieved all these years. Some may see it as a hobby only but some may see it as a potential business. Me? Maybe a little bit of both. Some people had already achieved great things at my age while some have not. Me? Most probably the latter. But I know one day I will. Hopefully.



This is a very simple butter cake with fresh cream and strawberries that I baked for Thivya’s birthday. We gave her a surprise before our meeting and the sound of the sparklers ruined the surprise because you can actually here it go off.


I’ve been really demotivated after my showcase ended because it feels like I am already done with first year of university when in actual fact, I have 2 more courseworks to complete and one exam to sit for. Deadlines for both my courseworks are approaching, one on Thursday and the last one on Friday. I’ll be pretty damn free after Friday because I only have one exam to sit for. Not to say I’m very prepared for the exam but still, I have a whole two weeks to revise and get my shit together. I really can’t wait to go home for summer because I haven’t been home for the past 6 months which sucks. Sick of the UK already. I need my family, friends, food and the weather back. It’s crazy how it’s already May. I don’t know where the time has gone or what I’ve been doing for the past 5 months.


My cake is gonna burn if I continue typing.

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