Berlin and Prague

Hello and welcome! You may or may not notice that all my previous posts are now gone (boohoo). The reason being I transferred my hosting and domain so there was a 99% risk of losing all my previous contents. I couldn’t back up through the previous hosting etc so yeah it’s gone. I did copy and paste all my previous blog posts and saved it on Word but guess it won’t work either way. The transferring process took almost a week and finally, the status became active today. The whole transferring process wasn’t that easy as I expected but thankfully, the new hosting company is so helpful and quick in solving all my problems. I even received a phone call from China (I was like wtf before I answered the phone call), telling me how to solve the problem.

Anyway, I was on travelling for the past few days since the 5 of April. I went to Berlin and Prague for 6 days 5 nights and then I stayed in Liverpool for a night before coming to Manchester today. I flew to Berlin first and it was a night flight. By the time I arrived, it was already close to midnight but we still decided to take the train to city centre anyway. However, shit happened. We couldn’t understand anything and we didn’t know how the trains work. It was also late at night so there wasn’t any staff to ask so we decided to take the cab instead and paid €41. FOL.


The night before, we planned to leave the hotel at 10am but we ended up leaving at 1030am instead cos ya’know, Malaysian timing. We went to Distrikt Coffee for breakfast which was about 10 minutes walk away from our hotel. Link can be found here!

 Our first tourist attraction was the Berlin Wall Memorial because it was the closest from the breakfast place. There really wasn’t much to see there but we went just for the sake of going. The second tourist spot we went to was the Reichstag building. We wanted to take a group picture and the only people that was around us at that time were Chinese so of course, we went to ask in Chinese. Picture turned out……well, kinda awful. We went to Brandenburg Gate next and then Soviet War Memorial. After that, we went to the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe where we took looaaadddssss of pictures. Next stop was the Topography of Terror and then to Checkpoint Charlie. We had Burgermeister for dinner. It was nice but it wasn’t that great. I personally think Five Guys serve better burgers but that’s just me.
After dinner, we went to a pub for drinks and then we took a train to somewhere that I can’t remember the name to have a look at Berlin’s night view but guess what? There was no night view.


I can’t remember the reason why we wanted to wake up and leave earlier today but yeah, we left at 10am. Good job to us! We had breakfast at a place called Schwarzwaldstuben (don’t even try pronouncing it). So my usual breakfast drink would be hot chocolate so of course, today is no exception. The menu wrote ‘big cup of hot chocolate’ and I thought you know, how big could it be? I had the shock of my life when it came. It was the size of my hand. Not kidding, not exaggerating. It really is a BIG cup of hot chocolate.Since we knew that today was gonna be cloudy, we left Museum Island for today. Our first museum was Bode Museum. They offer student tickets but you need to show your student ID. Me being me, I left my student ID at the hotel but thank God, they accepted my BRP because it says ‘student visa’. Nobody is surprised because it’s just me being me. Anyway, I’m not a big fan of museums because they’re well, boring. We went to another museum after that but left for lunch at Emma’s after awhile. There was 5 museums on Museum Island I think but we only went to 2 museums. We took at train to East Side Gallery after that and then headed back to the hotel to rest. At night, we went to a local pub place and it was huge! It’s much much bigger than Albert Schloss and the food was awesome. We had late dinner so by the time we finished, it was already quite late. We headed back to the hotel after that because I felt unwell. I’m a 두부, no doubt.


We had to check out before 11am so we got up early. I received a missed call at 6am so I called back at around 930am. The wifi in the room sucked so bad that I had to talk outside the room, barefooted. The conversation had so much insults I can’t even. Like bruh I just woke up and got insulted 10 times in a row. We had breakfast at Factory Girl and the food was pretty decent.

Our train was at 1pm and we got to the train station very early so we just roamed around the train station because it was huge. The train to Prague took about 4 hours and we arrived in Prague at around 530pm. By the time we got to our Airbnb, it was already about 6pm. We struggled to open the door that we had to call our host to ask her how to open the door. Dumb moments sigh. We headed out for dinner at Vinohradsky Parlament and the beef tartare was so good omg. We went back to our accommodation to have an early rest because we have a full day the next day.


Our day started at 9am and we had breakfast at Café Lourve, recommended by my friend. After breakfast, we headed to Old Town Square to see the Astronomical Clock. We went up to the tower and the view was amazing.

Lunch was at Kolkovna Cenice where bird shit fell on my dress and my bag. When the waiter was passing me my spaghetti, my phone fell into my spaghetti. Damn embarrassing but oh well, what’s new anyway. After lunch, we went to Charles Bridge where we took a zillion pictures but some turned out meh because the sun was scorching hot. After that, we walked up to the Prague Castle and climbed 287 steps, 56m high to see the view again. Prague is so beautiful I’m not even kidding. It was getting a bit late so we decided to leave and have dinner. Dinner didn’t happen after that. We stayed at Charles Bridge to take an extra zillion pictures because they evening sky was so pretty. It was like a gradient of pink and blue. I have no idea how much time we spent on the bridge taking pictures because by the time we went to have dinner, it was already close to 9pm. We had dinner at Plzenska Restaurace at The Municipal House. After having dinner, we went back to our Airbnb and I knocked out. After climbing so many stairs today just for the view and walking god knows how many miles, I was knackered.


Day 1 and Day 2 were pretty much just flying and eating so there really isn’t much to say about it. Overall, it was a great trip. Really loved Prague but as for Berlin, not that much. Definitely gonna visit Prague again one day! Now that I’m back in Manchester, it’s all work work work work. I have so many deadlines coming up and not forgetting the showcase and exam too sigh. I was sick throughout the entire trip which sucked but I still enjoyed myself. Was supposed to be in Brighton today till Friday but our trip got cancelled boohoo. A sign for me to rest I guess?

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