Oreo Cake

Summer break has been fine so far, not really what I expected it to be but you know, this is what I chose to do. Competition deadline is in 3 days and we haven’t finalised anything yet which sucks. Kinda regret starting so late but then again, we all had exams to sit for so it really couldn’t be helped. Hopefully everything goes well for us. Win or lose, it doesn’t really matter I guess.

Here’s an Oreo cake that I baked a few days ago. I initially wanted to bake just layers of Oreo cake but thought since I’ve done it before, why not try something new-ish? I decided to add chocolate layers and use just plain swiss meringue buttercream for the insides and oreo buttercream for the outside.

A shot of the crumb-coated cake. I think this is my first fully coated cake since I got back? Naked cakes are great because they don’t require much time and still looks pretty. My chocolate drip wasn’t completely what I expected it to be but you know, my second drip, I think I fared quite well (comforting myself). I initially wanted to do smaller pipings so I used the 1M tip but the Oreo crumbs got stuck in the tip. Mega face palm.

Layers were even too so good attempt I guess? Hand model credits to my sister because the cake was quite heavy for me to hold it with one hand and shoot with my other (the fact that its DSLR as well). Back to doing work, bye.

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