Red Velvet Cake

I’m finally back in Malaysia and it feels so good to be home. My journey back home was alright but my luggage didn’t come home with me on the day that I arrived. My flight home wasn’t a direct flight because I flew from Manchester to Dubai, Dubai to Kuala Lumpur and then Kuala Lumpur to Miri. I checked in all the way from Manchester to Miri because the airlines were all under one alliance or whatever you call it. So my first flight was alright, I had 3 seats all to myself but then shit started the second I arrived in Dubai Intl Airport. I withdrew cash the night before I flew but then I used my cash to pay for dinner and movie tickets and forgot to withdraw more cash. Hence, I didn’t have any cash with me to eat in the airport.

I figured, ya’know, credit card to the rescue but I wasn’t sure whether I could use it or not. I went to McDonald’s to try using my credit card but I entered by pin 3 times but all 3 times, it said incorrect pin. 5 whole months of not being in Malaysia, can’t blame me. I tried using my UK debit card and thankfully, it worked. Bought a small fries for nothing but still ate it anyway. I went over to Carluccio’s and me being the very kiasu and kiasi person, I asked the staff whether I could try using my card to pay first before I eat because what if I finish eating and can’t pay?! My card worked so I ate in joy because I missed both meals in the flight.

My flight from Manchester arrived about 30 minutes earlier and my original transit time was 3 hours+ already so extra time = extra boredom. I boarded my next flight and we were stuck in the plane for about 1 hour 10 minutes on the runway. Apparently the weather was quite bad and visibility was poor so they couldn’t take off. There was also a lot of other planes queuing to take off so hence the delay as well.  The flight was originally scheduled to land at 3pm but because of the delay, it became 4.10pm. But my flight from KL to Miri was at 5pm. Shit happens and shit happened.

I informed the air stewardess and then she informed the people on ground at KLIA. Thankfully, they allowed me to disembark the plane first and make sure to transfer my luggage out first. As soon as I stepped out of the plane, a staff was holding a paper with my name on it and asked me if I was Ashley. He handed me my boarding pass and asked me to run. I had no choice but to run, obviously. I didn’t want to miss my flight and wait till 9pm for the next flight. Dinner waiting for me at home, hell nah am I gonna miss my flight.

Mind you, I had to take the train over to the domestic departure hall and clear immigration another time. Stamina didn’t really cooperate with me either. Ran for my life and finally got to the domestic side. As I was running to my gate, I heard someone behind me going ‘psst psst’. I was already panicking so I didn’t bother myself to turn back but it went ‘psst psst’ again. It was proper loud so I turned back and guess what? My dad started laughing at me. My dad decided to give me a surprise by taking the same flight home. He saw me running as soon as I cleared immigration but he never bothered to call out for me to stop me from running jfc.

Digi cancelled my SIM card because it was inactive for quite a while so I didn’t have data to receive any WhatsApp messages. I didn’t have the time to connect to the airport wifi too because they needed me to fill in my details. Catching my flight was my priority. When I finally connected to the wifi, my dad actually posted a picture on the family group chat of me running from behind. Great.

Finally landed in Miri airport and was all excited to meet my mum and brother and head home to have dinner. Waited for about half an hour for my luggage but the conveyor belt just suddenly stopped. The staff was like ‘oh tak ada luggage dah’. First reaction? WTF. Where’s my luggage then?

My dad and I went to make a lost luggage report but they couldn’t trace my luggage. The person said he’ll get back to me as soon as they have news of my luggage. Had an awesome homecooked dinner and waited till about 9pm to call the luggage unit again but they still didn’t have confirmation on my luggage. I was thinking to myself, if I really lost my luggage,

I called again at 12am and thank god they said my luggage is gonna arrive the next day. End of my not so smooth journey back home.

It’s great to be back home though. Laksa is great.

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