Teh Tarik Cupcakes

My life is boring. It’s either eat, sleep, work or bake. It’s only 10am now and I’m already awake, which is quite rare because I usually go to bed past 3/4am and wake up around 12pm? The weather’s really bad today and I don’t feel like going out AT ALL. I just want to lie in bed all day but ugh gotta head out later.

I’ve been reading long reports and financial reports the entire day yesterday for my competition and it’s pretty interesting yet boring at some parts. I’ve never done a competition like this before so it’s pretty exciting! I still need to dig out and read reports of previous years. I hate how each report is at least a 100 pages long and I can’t read it off the computer/ipad so I have to print it out. Money screaming.

I cooked laksa the other day, two days in a row. Once for my friends and once for my family. Cravings sort of (50%) satisfied but I still need my 28 Laksa.

Looks pretty legit, I must say! When you compare phone camera quality and DSLR quality – huge difference.

I baked Teh Tarik Cupcakes a few days ago, can’t really remember which day. I topped it with pandan fresh cream frosting, which I hampalang simply mixed together and ya’know agak-agak.I didn’t have any dinner last night and haven’t had my breakfast today. Hence, this girl typing this at the moment is starving. Bye.

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