I’m Ashley, a 19 year-old girl from a small city called Miri, currently pursuing a degree in Information Technology Management for Business at The University of Manchester.

My baking journey started at the age of 15 where I was still using my mum’s 15 year-old hand mixer to bake a rainbow cupcake from scratch which tasted pretty awful. From just having fun to finding my love and passion in baking, I decided to start Mumubakes and hope to grow it into something, someday.


Why the name ‘MUMUBAKES’, you may ask?

Back in the days, I thought this nickname was very embarrassing so I never wanted my friends to find out. It was a nickname given to me by my sister ever since young. It has absolutely zero relation to my real name. My siblings were the ones who suggested the name ‘MUMUBAKES’ so Mumubakes it is!