Manchester Malaysian Night 2018: The Yearning

So where do I begin? 9 months worth of hard work showcased in a night of 3 hours. The show went well, not as smoothly as planned (last minute heart attack because the projector wasn’t working just as we were about to start and mic difficulties) but overall, I think we did a great job. Honestly speaking, this role and this whole thing took up so much of my time that I kind of hated it in the beginning. I’d complain quite frequently of how I want this whole thing to end quickly and that I’d never have to deal with all the tedious things ever again. Looking back now, although it’s only been less than a week, I do quite miss the feeling of having something to worry and think about. I was (still am actually) sleep deprived for the past few weeks because everything was just full on with rehearsals and meetings everyday whilst having to juggle my university work and competition things. Now that one thing is checked off my list, I finally get to have an extra hour or two of sleep, hopefully.

Anyway, I was never an outspoken person to begin with. Still not. Definitely not a big fan of  talking and socialising with people that sometimes, I come across as an unfriendly person. I prefer being in my own comfort zone, around with friends who I’m close to, doing my own things. However, this role required me to step out of my comfort zone. From liaising with external parties and having to even talk on the phone with people that I don’t know to having to strike up a conversation with a participant was nerve-wracking but I knew I had no other choice but to do it. Somewhere in between and god knows how, I naturally got used to it. On the night of the play itself when I was getting the VIP room ready, the manager who showed me the way suddenly asked me ‘hold on, how old are you?’. I said I’m 19 turning 20 this year. He was pretty shocked (could tell by his facial expression) and told me that this whole production thing is a very good experience for me especially at this age. I’m not sure if it’s because I still look 15/16 years old but 9/10 times I meet someone new, they’d always ask for my age. I’ve even encountered a number of times where people tend to judge my ability because of how I look and because of my age. Heck, even I myself sometimes ask if I can do it. I wouldn’t be able to list down the number of things that I have learned through this long 9 months but I can definitely say that I’ve learned a lot. From making decisions together as a team (wrong and right ones), to learning how to speak up, to learning how to say ‘no means no’ to many many more things. Despite all the shitting things that happened along the way, I am actually glad that it happened because at least I learned something.

A big thank you to the Directors and Scriptwriter who definitely forked out their time to attend practices, coming out with such a bold and brave script and taking the risk with us to put on a show like this and so on. The core team who had to suffer a lot of last minute plan changes, dealing with our frustrations and worries, late night meetings and so on. The choreographers, dancers, actors, extras, emcees and crew who sacrificed their time and the amount of effort that was put into the show. The photographers and videographer who had to deal with our super last minute shit, taking time off to shoot and so on. Thank you for the awesome pictures and videos that all of us can look back to. Last but not least, thank you Chong En for backing me up, believing and trusting that I can actually get things done, checking if I’m okay (especially at the club ehmergerd) and so on. Working with a team of 142 people definitely wasn’t easy and sadly, I didn’t get to know each and everyone in the team but I am proud of everyone. No words can express how grateful I am for everyone’s commitment, effort and sacrifices to make this year’s Manchester Malaysian Night a successful one. Without the core team, choreographers, emcees, dancers, casts, committee, seniors, audiences and everyone involved, this wouldn’t happen with just the effort of Chong En and I.

Putting the team aside, I honestly owe this to my family and friends as well. Mummy and daddy who never even once doubted my competence because of my kind of personality but instead, constantly gave me the support that I needed because everything was just coming at me all at once. Constantly making sure that I’m okay, that I get enough rest, eat well and advices that I will take on from now on whenever I make decisions. To my very awesome dai ga je who literally came down to be my slave. From folding my clothes to cleaning my very disgusting kitchen which I have not entered for weeks to going to city to buy my broken eyebrow pencil (my Saturday morning crisis) and so on. Friends who had to deal with me ranting 12310123 a day of how tired and stressed I am, cooking and delivering food to my rehearsal (I am still damn touched okay boys), coming to watch the show although I think only one of you got the story, dealing with my super a lot of ‘Can you guys don’t go without me tonight? I also wanna go so let’s go together some other time please’ and ‘let’s do after my mnight’ and so much more. Could never thank you all enough and apologies if I missed anyone out but just know that I am grateful.


Manchester Malaysian Night 2018: The Yearning, done and dusted.


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