Matcha Strawberry Cake

A year-long project has finally come to an end. I still remember that day where I stepped into one of the rooms in University Place, feeling very awkward as I knew nobody on the course, and got separated into our own respective groups. We started off by doing the Spaghetti Challenge, not knowing what was going to happen ahead of me in the following months. Days passed, weeks passed, months passed. Here I am, almost done with the first year of my degree. This project has been a roller coaster ride and I definitely learned a lot. From screaming at somebody face to face for the first time ever in front of others to having really lame jokes among the group. From not knowing a single shit of coding (apart from HTML/CSS) to presenting a live working application. There has been countless of times where I feel like giving up but it’s finally over and done with. I finally don’t have 470 errors and got knows how many warnings to deal with anymore. 6 pitches went by really quickly and I’d say my favourite pitch was the one to Credit Suisse and IBM because they were the most responsive ones. Anyway, it’s finally over and done with and I couldn’t not have done it without the support from my family and friends.


I’m finally back in the kitchen after so long. It’s been about 2 weeks since I last baked, I think. I haven’t frosted nor decorated a cake in a long time so I decided to do something simple, which is a matcha strawberry cake! The pictures look shitty because I only took them after I got back from dinner, which was already about 9pm or so. Hence, lighting is just terrible plus my noob photography skills. Today’s my rest day and it’s back to work tomorrow. After everything ended yesterday, I felt so worn out that I went home early and went to bed early and only got up close to noon time. I also made it to the shadow committee election yesterday and to be very honest, I didn’t expect myself to get the position. Nevertheless, it’s going to be a long journey ahead and I’m excited for it.


Few weeks ago when I was having a group meeting at C10, I was casually checking my mails from my phone. It’s usually the normal emails that I receive. All the pointless subscriptions I have, occasionally emails from lecturers and recently a lot from my lab assistant, helping me to solve my never-ending programming errors. But this particular email had a different title. It wrote ‘Chinese Summer School’. I opened it and literally screamed with Zara in C10. I got a scholarship from my university to go to China for a summer school! It’s going to be really hot when I’m there but I get to travel for free so no complains! I don’t know if I can survive in China or not but I’ll try. I mean I speak fluent (I’d like to think that I’m fluent) but I can’t read nor write well. I also managed to convince my parents to let me go to Seoul for a holiday in June so whoop whoooop I’m excited.


For now, I shall finish up my assignments and prepare for my exam. And then it’s home time! 28 more days.

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  1. So many amazing news! Congrats Ashleeeyyyy!!!! The cake looks great as all of your magic deserts. Still waiting for a day when i will try some of your cakes <3

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