Vanilla Crepe Cake

It’s crepe cake again! I’ve been on a crepe cake frenzy kinda thing recently? I don’t know. Just trying out different things, tweaking here and there and hopefully sell it soon? This crepe cake was for Derek’s birthday. We celebrated his birthday today because we’re all not free on Thursday, which is the actual date of his birthday. The surprise was well, successful. I pictured it to be like a very loud happy birthday to you song but nope, it was only a line of ‘happy birthday to you’ and everyone burst out laughing at his hair because he literally just washed his hair and was still in his home clothes. So yeah, that was that. I spent like half an hour trying to take pictures of the cake and even brought my DSLR out. Dedication bruh.


My initial plan was to go to the library to do some work after celebrating his birthday but we ended up having lunch together and roaming around Arndale/NQ. So conclusion, not productive at all today but I’m so sleepy. I slept at like almost 4am yesterday and got up at 9am.


We were all in Derek’s room and we came up with an idea of what we’re gonna do together next academic year. I’m not sure if it’ll work out or it’s feasible or not but it’s worth trying so I’m quite excited. We still need to come up with like a proper plan first though but when you come to think of it, I’m not sure if we’ll be able to juggle uni and this whole idea kinda thing. At the same time, we don’t really have much to lose so hopefully everything will work out and start to fall into place when we actually do it.


Few days ago, I went to Dalton to meet up with my friends to study together so I thought I’d just bring my memory card along to transfer pictures and update my blog. I didn’t get to transfer any pictures because I was listening to podcasts and we went to the music room after and then I went home. So there really wasn’t much time to do what I wanted to do. When I got home, I decided to transfer my pictures but I couldn’t find my memory card anywhere. I emptied my entire bag but I still couldn’t find it. It may have dropped out somewhere or something but sigh my pictures are all gone, including my most recent pictures which I was gonna use to update my blog with.


Anyway, Easter break is ending real soon and I’m off to Bristol this Friday for a short trip. It’s gonna be all work when uni starts so yeah, chill first.

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